30,000 missing emails from IRS’ Lerner recovered

Susan Ferrechio
The Washington Examiner

Up to 30,000 missing emails sent by former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner have been recovered by the IRS inspector general, five months after they were deemed lost forever.

The U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) informed congressional staffers from several committees on Friday that the emails were found among hundreds of “disaster recovery tapes” that were used to back up the IRS email system.

“They just said it took them several weeks and some forensic effort to get these emails off these tapes,” a congressional aide told the Washington Examiner.

Committees in the House and Senate are seeking the emails, which they believe could show Lerner was working in concert with Obama administration officials to target conservative and Tea Party groups seeking tax-exempt status before the 2012 presidential election….



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43 US Senators ‘Alarmed’ by Reports of Obama-Iran Nuke Deal

Scathing letter by Republican senators warns Obama against plans to circumvent Congress on a deal with Iran.

Mark Langfan
Arutz Sheva/Israel National News

In a scathing two-page letter by 43 Republican senators to US President Barack Obama dated this Wednesdasy, the senators, led by Mark Kirk and Marco Rubio, warned that they were “alarmed” by reported plans to bypass Congress and reach a nuclear deal with Iran.

The senators were alarmed at “reports that your administration plans to circumvent Congress and unilaterally provide significant sanctions relief under a comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran.”…

…Arutz Sheva reported in October that Ben Rhodes, a senior White House adviser, had been secretly taped bragging that a nuclear deal with Iran was Obama’s foreign-policy “signature” equivalent of “ObamaCare,” and that they working to structure a deal that would evade any congressional approval or ratification…



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Most Legalized Illegals Will Have No Net Income-Tax Liabilities

Avik Roy
National Review Online

President Obama says that his executive order will ensure that currently illegal immigrants will have to “pay their fair share of taxes.” But the vast majority of undocumented aliens don’t make enough in income to have a net income-tax liability. As I note in Forbes, a 2006 analysis by the Century Foundation, a progressive think tank, concludes that “we can be virtually certain that illegal immigrants earned less than $24,000 per year, on average, probably much less.” That amounts to around $29,000 in 2014 dollars, well below the threshold where an American has a net income-tax liability…



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Related:  Obama Wanted to ‘Work Together’ With Republicans So Much That He Spent Nine Months Planning to Work Around Them

…Secretary Johnson should be called to testify under oath before the new Congress regarding the level of distraction this secret planning created. President Obama knowingly politicized national security. Secretary Johnson lacked the integrity to resist, and to resign if necessary. The American people should hear directly from him next year.





What If Employers Don’t Want to Hire the 5 Million Illegal Immigrants?

Jim Geraghty
National Review Online

Hugh Hewitt offers an unexpected argument: The quasi-amnesty the president offers tonight may actually make it tougher for illegal immigrants to find jobs:

The people in the country illegally will know shortly that this stunt tonight does not help them and may in fact hurt them –badly. The collision of what is in essence a letter of recommendation from the president to employers with their genuine worries about liabilities under state law and about their fiduciary duties to their customers is going to be instant, and not to the good of the illegal population. Employers are going to flee the president’s testimonial that, if he were king of the forest, not queen, not duke, not earl, he’d let this person have a green card. Because he’s not king, he cannot bless this person’s employment in the real world of tort liability and state law. He cannot solve the issue of Social Security and unemployment insurance withholding. What he can –and will do tonight– is mark the illegal as someone not worth the trouble of hiring.

The president simply cannot bestow a green card.  Just a blessing.  An Obama blessing.  The blessing of a cheater…



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Related: What You Need to Know About Obama’s Executive Move on Immigration (video)

Obama challenged Congress to pass a bipartisan immigration bill to replace his actions and “fix the whole system.”

“To those members of Congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better, or question the wisdom of me acting where Congress has failed, I have one answer: Pass a bill,” Obama said.

The Republican National Committee posted its own rebuttal video just hours before the speech..


Update: Charles Krauthammer joined Bill O’Reilly to break down Obama’s immigration speech. He said it’s very clear that Obama’s message to the people who are waiting to get into the U.S. legally is that “they are chumps.” Watch the video here.


Brutal: Allahpundit declares Obama’s amnesty speech ‘lowest moment of his presidency’

…Lowest moment of his presidency? But there’s so very, very, very much material from which to choose. The whole administration has been a scandalpalooza from the beginning. And sure, the executive amnesty speech blew holes in the Constitution while simultaneously engaging in shame tactics like accusing Americans of “ripping children from their parents’ arms.” …


Obama: U.S. Taxpayers Must Pay For Illegals’ Children

Illegal immigrants will receive huge payments from American taxpayers under rules now being imposed by President Barack Obama’s unilateral amnesty…


Complete text of President Obama’s remarks on immigration


Republican Congressman: White House Press Secretary ‘Lied To The American People’

Alex Griswold
The Daily Caller

Idaho Republican Congressman Raúl Labrador appeared on MSNBC’s “The Rundown,” telling host José Díaz-Balart that White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest “lied to the American people” when he claimed Republicans weren’t willing to act on immigration reform.

“It’s so sad that Josh came onto your show, and he once again lied to the American people,” he said. “It’s sad that the president continues to tell American people that we were not willing to work on immigration reform.”…

…“The president’s chief of staff at the time decided to call House Democrats and tell them they needed to stop negotiating with House Republicans, because they wanted the only vehicle for immigration reform, they wanted it to be the Senate bill.”



The complete article, with video, is at The Daily Caller.




Union leader: Senate Democrats acted ‘cowardly’ on Keystone XL vote

Sean Higgins
The Washington Examiner

A top union leader slammed the Senate’s rejection of a bill to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, calling it a “vote against all construction workers” and saying that Democratic lawmakers “cowardly” knuckled under to pressure from the White House. Other unions also criticized the Senate.

Terry O’Sullivan, president of the 500,000-member Laborers’ International Union of North America, made the comments in a scathing statement posted late Tuesday after the Senate failed to break a filibuster on a pro-Keystone bill by a 59-41 vote.

“Today’s failure of the U.S. Senate to authorize the Keystone XL pipeline is a vote against all construction workers, a vote to keep good, middle-class jobs locked out of reach and a vote to continue to rely on nations that hate America for our energy,” O’Sullivan said…



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