If emissions regulations hurt Australia, why do Democrats want them for America?

Spencer Brown
The Washington Examiner

…Australia’s tax on emissions was intended to create a disincentive to emitting large amounts of carbon dioxide, but Abbott asserted that the carbon tax was hurting the Australian economy. After successfully getting the regulations repealed, the carbon tax officially ended July 17, retroactive to July 1.

Australia’s Department of the Environment reports that compliance with the carbon tax cost businesses around $85 million per year. The legislation for the carbon tax filled more than 1,000 pages with policies and regulations. Abbott’s government says ending the tax will “lower costs for Australian businesses and ease cost of living pressures for households.”

The repeal will lower the average annual cost of living by about $550 Australian (equal to $381.66 US), lower retail electricity costs by 9 percent and retail gas prices by 7 percent, and reduce liable entities’ compliance costs by nearly $90 million annually ($62.45 million US), per the Department of the Environment. These and other benefits were notably absent when the carbon tax was in place.

Why, then, does the Obama administration want to enact regulations to stem carbon emissions and in doing so stifle the American economy? …



The complete article is at The Washington Examiner.



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New paper finds only ~3.75% of atmospheric CO2 is man-made from burning of fossil fuels

Australia’s repeal of its carbon tax last week has gotten other countries thinking about ditching their own carbon dioxide emissions reduction schemes.

On the heels of the Aussie carbon tax defeat, South Korea’s finance minister, Choi Kyung-hwan, called his country’s planned cap-and-trade system “flawed in many ways,” and hinted that he would pressure the government to delay the plan until 2015…



Disease Tsunami Washing Across Our Border


…An internal Department of Defense memo obtained by ABC News reports that the director of refugee health at Health and Human Services “has identified a breakdown of the medical screening processes at the Nogales, Ariz., facility.” This may be just the tip of a medical-disaster iceberg.

Officials involved in moving the immigrants from Border Patrol processing centers to Health and Human Services facilities are, according to the memo, “putting sick (fevers and coughing) unaccompanied children on airplanes inbound for (Naval Base Ventura County) in addition to the chicken pox and coxsackie virus cases.”

Three unaccompanied minors were reportedly in the ICU at local hospitals in California, and two of them were diagnosed with strep pneumonia. The same naval base has experienced an outbreak of pneumonia and influenza among the unaccompanied minors at its detention facility.

The dispersal of illegal aliens, including unaccompanied minors, throughout the U.S. without proper medical screening is an appalling dereliction of duty by a president and an administration sworn to protect the health and safety of American citizens…

…Border Patrol agents in Murrieta, Calif., have tested positive for tuberculosis. Hand and foot disease and Chagas disease, a tropical parasitic illness, both previously eradicated from the area, are on the rise.

The possibility also exists in these conditions for diseases such as dengue fever to hit the U.S…



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D.C. Court of Appeals strikes Obamacare federal insurance exchange subsidy regulation; 4th Circuit upholds federal exchange

IRS regulation granting subsidies to those who sign up on federal Obamacare exchange stricken

William A. Jacobson
Legal Insurrection

UPDATE: Whipsaw: 4th Circuit upholds Obamacare federal exchange subsidy after D.C. Circuit rejects

Full opinion and Judgment at bottom of post

Decision just released in Halbig case. Here’s the punchline:

Section 36B of the Internal Revenue Code, enacted as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA or the Act), makes tax credits available as a form of subsidy to individuals who purchase health insurance through marketplaces—known as “American Health Benefit Exchanges,” or “Exchanges” for short—that are “established by the State under section 1311” of the Act. 26 U.S.C. § 36B(c)(2)(A)(i). On its face, this provision authorizes tax credits for insurance purchased on an Exchange established by one of the fifty states or the District of Columbia. See 42 U.S.C. § 18024(d). But the Internal Revenue Service has interpreted section 36B broadly to authorize the subsidy also for insurance purchased on an Exchange established by the federal government under section 1321 of the Act. See 26 C.F.R. § 1.36B-2(a)(1) (hereinafter “IRS Rule”).

Appellants are a group of individuals and employers residing in states that did not establish Exchanges. For reasons we explain more fully below, the IRS’s interpretation of section 36B makes them subject to certain penalties under the ACA that they would rather not face. Believing that the IRS’s interpretation is inconsistent with section 36B, appellants challenge the regulation under the Administrative Procedure Act (APA), alleging that it is not “in accordance with law.” 5 U.S.C. § 706(2)(A).

….Because we conclude that the ACA unambiguously restricts the section 36B subsidy to insurance purchased on Exchanges “established by the State,” we
reverse the district court and vacate the IRS’s regulation.

What problems does this create? Massive. All the millions of people who signed up for Obamacare on the federal exchange — and the true numbers were disputed — expecting to get tax credits as subsidies now will not get those subsidies…



The complete article, with the full opinion and Judgment, is at Legal Insurrection.  Also at the site,  Whipsaw: 4th Circuit upholds Obamacare federal exchange subsidy after D.C. Circuit rejects.  Split in Circuits virtually guarantees Supreme Court will take case.


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The ISIS Effect: 'Flattened; Everything is Gone'

Elizabeth Scalia
The Anchoress

…Our encounter occurred just as he’d finished communicating with sources on the ground, people who are seeing much more than we’re being told. Michael dared not say much, but he related this from the Syrian Maronite Bishop Sleiman, a sense of things as they are: “Flattened. Everything is just flattened. Destroyed.” People’s spirits are crushed; they have nothing, and are wholly dependent on aid; they are displaced, and in shock, and without the will to engage in the difficult work of surviving.

Orwell said “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” Another way is to simply obliterate their history entirely, give them no connection to their past, no standing reflection of who they are; in this way they become nobodies: people with no past to point to, no footpath to refer back to, so as to gauge a way forward. What a despicable robbery.

“Flattened. Destroyed.” It is unthinkable, and in a post-Christian West — where “tolerance” and “co-existence” are popular concepts of enlightenment, and an expedient political dynamic — this devastation is going almost unmentioned. A bloody, oppressive and culturally catastrophic War on Christians? Not half as interesting, to the West, as Snoop getting high at the White House

…Our brothers and sisters in the ancient province of Nineveh are fleeing, shocked and without hope. They are “Flattened, destroyed.” They have been pulled off of long-traveled footpaths and watched them become erased before their eyes. It might be too early for them to realize that, in the supernatural way of Christ, their stronghold and inheritance remains — that there is still a path to follow, and a future. But we must help them to know it, to feel the truth and power of it within themselves, by the force of our prayers, our fasting, our alms.

In my life, I have known when people are praying for me. I have felt it; been sustained by it. Help them to feel it.



Read the entire article at The Anchoress.



Related: Last Christians Expelled From Mosul After 2,000 Years. The Islamic State (formerly ISIS) have expelled the final Christian population of Mosul after an ultimatum on Thursday.

The last Christians have been forced to leave the Iraqi city of Mosul, ending a continuous presence there for 2,000 years.

Patriarch Louis Sako, Iraq’s most senior Christian leader said, “For the first time in the history of Iraq, Mosul is now empty of Christians.” Only a couple of weeks ago, he was amongst three prominent Iraqi Christian leaders who went to Brussels to ask the EU to do more to help Iraq’s Christians.


U.S. Funds Muslim Brotherhood Who Burn Churches, Defile Priest Corpses (video)

Fr. Anthony Hanna saw a 4th-century church after Muslim thugs looted, torched it, then dug up priests, crushed and burned their bones. The U.S. funds this?


On her Facebook page Clarice Feldman has been tirelessly writing about the plight of Christians in the Middle East, and particularly in Iraq. She posted some of her thoughts at American Thinker: Save the Middle Eastern Christians and Europe at the Same Time

…It is shocking how little outcry there has been against this from the usual NGO’s, UN agencies, media and religious groups. Even the US Bishops seem to have remained mum, although the Pope recently spoke out against this shameful treatment.

It’s time Europe opened its door to these true refugees from persecution and we and others helped to facilitate saving these beleaguered people from destruction. It’s time to acknowledge that multiculturalism is suicide and western civilization needs our help to survive.

Read the whole thing.

Update: Mosul’s Last Christians Flee Iraq’s Hoped-For Christian Stronghold

Historic community comes to ‘a real end’ after ISIS ultimatum tells Christians to convert, pay tax, or die…



Texas Sending National Guard to Border Is Good First Step, But a Long-Term Solution Still Needed

Steven Bucci
The Daily Signal

Gov. Rick Perry, R-Tex., will send around 1,000 National Guard troops to the Texas border under his gubernatorial authorities to help the Texas Department of Public Safety deal with the illegal immigration crisis. Before anyone screams that this is unprecedented or the radical militarization of the border, be assured it is not.

In 2006–2008, all four of the southwest border states had contingents of National Guard troops deployed to augment Customs and Border Protection’s Border Patrol assets. This was done without “militarizing” the border, and it was done with great effect. It was called Operation Jump Start.

The troops came as volunteers from National Guard units from across America. Each state organized its assets a little differently but did so in complete cooperation with federal agencies. The units provided surveillance, did logistics, and relieved Border Patrol agents from administrative jobs. This freed up every available officer for real law enforcement duties.

The enforcement of America’s laws was materially enhanced. No soldiers arrested anyone. The troops reveled in a “good” mission that directly helped their country, the Border Patrol was able to do its job, and the flood of illegal activity (immigration and others) was driven down.

Governor Perry would do well to use Jump Start as a model. It worked…



The article continues at The Daily Signal.


Luis Gutierrez to La Raza: Get Amnesty to ‘Punish’ Americans Against Illegal Immigration. (video)

…Gutierrez addressed the conference this weekend and also spoke on a panel. He said Obama assured him in a White House meeting last week with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus that he would use executive actions to be a “generous and broad” as he can to “stop the deportation of people each and every day,” as Breitbart News reported.

Gutierrez has been one of the biggest proponents of a pathway to citizenship for all of the country’s illegal immigrants.


White House Official: Border Crisis “Will Provide Atmospherics” For Obama To Issue Immigration Executive Order Before Midterms…
Never let a crisis go to waste.


Harry Reid: Lives Of Illegal Immigrant Children In Danger Because Of Ted Cruz…

…Reid said a plan from Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) holds thousands of child immigrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala hostage in exchange for Obama deporting undocumented children already inside the United States…



US Government Turns Fully Against Americans and Few Seem to Care

Over last weekend, it finally got out–despite suppression from the White House and the media– that the Mexican drug cartels/human traffickers are now firing .50 caliber ammo at our USBP Agents. These are bullets that can reach their targets as much as a mile away.

This is an act of war. Yet, neither the Pretend POTUS and Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama nor any of his minions comment on it at all. Neither does Obama try to stop the thousands of illegals (largely gang members, drug cartels/human traffickers and Islamists…not children) that he has invited into the country as a foreign invasion force to replace US citizens and help him bring down the USA. Besides, he’s already decimated most of the US military, demanded the Border Patrol “stand down” and no longer attempt to stop anyone entering the USA while placing them on diaper and baby-sitting duties for the children coming in with their parents. What difference do some USBP deaths–or any additional US citizen deaths–mean to him? He does, after all, have a one-month vacation in August coming up…



You’re Paying for That War in Gaza

Jesse Walker

Of all the ways to frame America’s role in the latest war between Israelis and Palestinians, the most bizarre might be the Bloomberg headline “Will the U.S. Get Involved in Israel-Gaza Conflict?” What do you mean will, folks? The U.S. has been deeply involved with this war from the beginning, because the U.S. is underwriting it.

Sen. Rand Paul has been pushing a billto eliminate America’s aid to the Palestinian Authority. I have seen no comparable attempt, though, to remove the much more substantial assistance that the U.S. gives to Israel: more than $3 billion a year, almost all of it for military purposes—about a fourth of Jerusalem’s military budget. Bloomberg’s video segment acknowledges the aid, yet somehow the site’s editors came up with that headline, instead of, say, “The IDF’s Biggest Benefactor Mulls What to Do Next.”…


The article continues at Reason.com

Diplomat: UN Gave Hamas Rockets to the Palestinian Government

United Nations officials handed Hamas missiles found last week in a U.N.-run school in Gaza to the Palestinian government, according to a Western diplomat familiar with the case who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.

At least 20 rockets were discovered last week in a Gaza school run by the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which operates several schools in Gaza and elsewhere…


Are the Gazans Who Voted for Hamas Ever Responsible for their Actions?

Hamas didn’t just take power. It won an election. There was never any doubt then or before what its favorite tactics involved…

…The people of Gaza overwhelmingly elected Hamas, a terrorist outfit dedicated to the destruction of Israel, as their designated representatives. Almost instantly Hamas began stockpiling weapons and using them against a more powerful foe with a solid track record of retaliation.

What did Gazans think was going to happen? …


Al Jazeera Publishes Updated List of Gaza Dead; Analysis Confirms Israel Targeting Combatants

…The analysis showed that 82% of the dead were men, and 50 per cent of them were between 18 and 28 years old, and 66 per cent between 18 and 38…


Israeli Christian Leader: ‘We Must Unite Against Terror’ “In the name of the Israeli Christians, I am crying out to the whole world: Wake up!”…