‘Twas Our Own Who Betrayed Us

…Originally titled: “Oh I’ll Stand With You Now, But I Still Want to Kick Your Stupid Asses”…

Zilla of the Resistance

I am very angry with my fellow Catholics, both in the clergy and the laity, because they are the reason why we find ourselves in the horrible position that we are in now. I have been too aggravated to articulate this in a manner that I thought would be worthy of a blog post, but I’ve said it in a few places; first on my facebook page where I don’t bother to self censor, and then on blogs whose owners I respect, so I cleaned up the language some. Days have passed and I am still quite ticked off, and since I am no longer on a Blogger hosted site where I might get myself into trouble for cutting loose, I might as well share my thoughts here with all of you, because I can. Below are the various incarnations of what I have had to say about my fellow Catholics who have been “useful idiots” for Obama and only NOW have a problem with his evil despite the fact that there was ample warning that we would find ourselves exactly where we are now because Obama’s unholy, unconstitutional, and unconscionable mandate that forces people to violate their core values would never have come about without being aided and abetted by CATHOLICS

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