“Greetings, America” from the British National Health Service: Docs Removed Wrong Testicle

Florida Pundit

Via Mark Steyn on National Review’s The Corner, here is a report from England to welcome America to the club of European civilized, socialist welfare states:

A patient was left infertile after doctors operating on his testicle removed the wrong one.

Care at the hospital had previously been rated “good” by the Care Quality Commission.

The unnamed patient should have had his right epididymis — a narrow tube connected to the testes — removed but the surgeons took away his left one instead.

A second op was then needed to take away the right one, rendering him totally infertile.

The hospital has refused to say if it paid the victim of the appalling mistake compensation.

The hospital’s embarrassed health chief Nigel Kee said: “A thorough investigation into this case was carried out by an independent consultant, who advised us to introduce an additional hospital-wide policy giving clearer instructions on marking and verifying sites prior to surgery.

No word on what happens in National Health Service hospitals rated lower than “good.”

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