2011 Flashback: DHS Secretary Napolitano Says No ‘Logic’ In Profiling Muslim Men Under The Age Of 35


…“You’re not using good logic there. You’ve got to use actual intelligence that you received. And, so, you might — all you’ve given me is a kind of status. You have not given me a technique for tactic or behavior. Something that would suggest somebody is not Muslim, but Islamic, that has actually moved into the category of violent extremists,” Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said at a forum on U.S. security and preventing terrorist attacks.

“We have ways to make some of those cuts. And they involve the intel that comes in, the analysis that goes on. For example, we often times, for travelers entering the United States, we won’t not do what is called a secondary inspection just because they are a 35-year- old male who appears to be Muslim, whatever that means. But we know from intelligence that if they have a certain travel pattern over a certain period of time, that should cause us to ask some more significant questions than if we don’t.”…


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Also at the site, Suspected Boston Terrorist Talking; Will Mayor Menino “Lone Shooter” Theory Stick?

…While we naturally tend to sympathize with the mayor of any city having to deal with a terrorist attack, Menino oversaw what some called a local government subsidy to the mosque where the suspects attended religious services. This mosque has since been criticized for it’s ties to extremist Islamist elements…


Related: Feds ‘investigating possibility that the government’s terror-trackers knew about the Boston bombers before the blasts’

…The Homeland Security source told MailOnline that the FBI in Boston now believes Tamerlan was receiving assistance from an ‘organized radical element’ in Massachusetts. And agents are now reviewing at least one report from inside a mosque to see if they can identify Tamerlan’s associates in Boston’s Muslim community.

Law enforcement at the federal level has ‘practically nothing’ on Dzhokhar, Tamerlan’s younger brother,that source claimed…

…MailOnline’s source from inside that agency said the older Tsarnaev brother turned up in a tip from an ‘undercover asset.’

Ultimately Tamerlan was allegedly deemed ‘a low priority’ and federal law enforcement ‘did not designate them [the brothers] as suspects or persons of interest in any crime.’

They also were not flagged for deportation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement…


The Ulsterman Report, Obama Already KNEW It Was A Muslim Terrorist Attack When Making Remarks In Boston

Word is starting to percolate from D.C. that the Obama administration had already confirmed the Boston bombing most likely had an al Qaeda component to it by the time Barack Obama made his prepared remarks to a community service in Boston three days after the attack took place.  And yet, despite that knowledge, the president’s words that day were absent any real condemnation of radical Muslim terrorism.  Once again, Barack Obama refuses to acknowledge radical Muslims remain a dire threat to the safety and security of the United States despite his often repeated claims otherwise during the 2012 election cycle…


Prom boy to accused Boston bomber.  Eric Shawn talks with Dr. Walid Phares


Update: Russia asked FBI to investigate bomber just 6 MONTHS ago after being spotted with ‘a militant’ on trip to Dagestan: Was it this known terrorist who Boston killer liked on YouTube?

Speculation is growing that one of the Boston bombers met a known Jihadist terrorist in 2011 – as it emerged the FBI failed to follow up on a Russian tip that he was seen with an Islamic militant six times.

On a YouTube account widely believed to belong to Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, there are two videos on a playlist called ‘terrorists’ created five months ago that since have been deleted.

Both videos appear under the name, ‘Amir Abu Dujana rabbanikaly’ which is also the name used by Gadzhimurad Dolgatov, a notorious Dagestani terrorist.

Investigators are pouring over the YouTube account to see if they can confirm whether Tsarnaev had any links with Dolgatov, who was killed by Russian security forces in Makhachkala in December 2012, after a fierce gun battle…

…’It is hard to say before the FBI reviews the details whether or not mistakes were made in 2011. My guess, therefore, is that [Tamerlan] was on their radar and was checked on to a degree, but that there was not enough information to warrant 24 hour surveillance,‘ said Professor Sievert.

‘Under U.S. law we could not arrest Tamerlan just because he was linked with Islamists by a foreign government, and we could not arrest him just because he accessed Islamist sites on the net. Under our First Amendment we could not arrest him for making pro Islamist or anti American statements. (In fact our courts have not prevented bomb making sites from being placed on the net.)’

Amidst the calls for scrutiny into what the FBI did or did not do, Sievert expressed his confidence in the leadership of FBI Director Robert Mueller…


Jim Treacher suggests, “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea?”  FBI ditches training materials criticized as anti-Muslim

After complaints, the FBI has pulled hundreds of documents that were incorrect or stereotyped Islam, as spokesman says.



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