2014 NRA Annual Meetings: Wayne LaPierre


NRA CEO & EVP Wayne LaPierre addresses the crowd and talks about American citizens’ distrust of government. He also provided a response to Michael Bloomberg’s $50 million gun-control initiative. The NRA-ILA Leadership Forum is an event of the 2014 NRA Annual Meetings.




H/T The Blaze:  Wayne LaPierre Issues Blistering Takedown of Journalists Right to Their Faces: ‘An Abomination’


Also at The Blaze, Meet the Army Veteran Who Could Once and for All Destroy One of the Left’s Key Gun Control Arguments (video)

Eric Dietz, Ph.D., the former director of Homeland Security for the state of Indiana and 22-year Army veteran, says he is only interested in one thing when it comes to the debate over stationing armed personnel and teachers in America’s schools: saving lives.

Now a professor at Purdue University and director of the school’s Homeland Security Institute, Dietz could be the guy who — once and for all — destroys the left’s argument against putting more guns in schools. And it’s all based on numbers and facts…



Other videos from the meeting can be seen at YouTube.



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