2,300 in St. Louis show up to protest Obama agenda

Jim Hoft’s blog, GatewayPundit shows what a busy day the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition had on Wednesday, 10 March.

Hoft has several links and a great photo essay of the evening’s events here. Kenneth Gladney was there as well as these fellows (“Purple People Beaters”):


Earlier in the day Hoft did some live-blogging from the standing room only “kill the bill” rally in St. Charles, MO, where 2,225 people showed up to watch a live video feed from Washington DC. Rep. Todd Akin, Rep. Shadegg and Rep. Pence spoke to the crowd and Hoft has posted a photo essay of that event here. He ended the blog entry, “Here’s Jamie Allman closing out the rally with ‘God Bless America.’ It was a powerful moment”:

Both blog entries are worth reading at GatewayPundit.

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