Rep. Schakowsky calls for even more federal spending to re-create WPA

Big Brother Boss: Top Congressional Obama Ally Admits Jobs Dems Created Are Low Income

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Big Brother Boss: Stupid Americans Don’t Know What Collective Bargaining Is, It’s Time For Federal Gov To Employ People And Create Middle Class; Top Congressional Obama Ally Admits Jobs Dems Created Are Low Income

CAJ note: Here is a brief explanation of the massive federal spending program known as the Works Progress Administration. There’s an even more biased entry at Wikipedia. Historians and economists now tend to admit that Roosevelt’s programs only served to prolong The Great Depression and that it was WWII that revived the American economy again.

At CAJ we reject Rep. Schakowsky’s call for even more federal spending. After all, the President’s massive stimulus spending upon entering office was meant to provide similar “shove ready” jobs for Americans.

Learn more about Rep. Schakowsky here.

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Rep. Jan Schakowsky is trying to break free of the ‘Schakowsky Conundrum.’ For anyone unfamiliar with this syndrome, here is a description:

Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky finds herself in the unfortunate position of battling the very Progressive movement she has done so much to help shape. You see, she is a Progressive Zionist, and that puts her in direct conflict with her most radical Progressive colleagues, many of whom equate Zionism with colonialism and racism.

Over the weekend, Jan Schakowsky condemned the Progressive Democrats of America for their role in the coming Hamas Flotilla 2, set to launch June 20, 2011.

Read the rest and watch the video at Founding Bloggers.

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