Obama’s union army and ‘Pass this bill’ infomercial

Michael Ramirez
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Blood on the Streets? US Communists Prepare for Conflict, “Hellraising”

Violence and intimidation are coming to the streets of America – if the Communist Party USA gets its way.

Emboldened by their “friend” Barack Obama’sLabor Day speech in Detroit, the communists and their labor and “social movement” allies are preparing to confront the “Tea Party” and the GOP in the streets of America in an attempt to intimidate their way back into power in 2012.

The plan is simple. Obama and the Democrats will create large Federally funded jobs programs, which will be controlled by the unions and the left. This will create large armies of desperate and easily manipulated people who will owe their living to the “great helmsman”.

The left will then use these people to intimidate anyone who stands in their way. Though Obama will have funded these armies, he will exploit their aggressive  demands for more handouts as merely an expression of the “popular will”. He will then give the “people” (ie the left) what they want – more socialism.

This was the strategy the communists employed in the 1930s under Roosevelt to move the US way to the left. The communists set up large armies of unemployed to march on Washington. FDR responded by setting up huge Federal public  work schemes, which the communists then took over and used to build still more pressure for socialism.

The left used the same strategy in the ’60s under president Johnson’s “great society’, the second ever greatest  increase in Federal power.

Now the communists plan a third and (they hope)  final mass expansion of Federal power under second term Obama…

Get Ready for the Great Infrastructure Grift of 2011! at Reason Magazine:

… infrastructure spending should not be confused with stimulus spending, especially of the Keynesian variety:

According to Keynesian economists, for spending to be stimulative, it has to be timely, targeted, and temporary. Infrastructure spending isn’t any of that. That’s because infrastructure projects involve planning, bidding, contracting, construction, and evaluation. Only $28 billion of the $45 billion in DOT money included in the stimulus has been spent so far.

And there’s this to consider as well:

Infrastructure spending tends to suffer from massive cost overruns, waste, fraud, and abuse…


Milbank: Yeah, this president’s irrelevant

Were you impressed by the pageantry and pomp of the joint-session setting for what turned out to be a mundane and insubstantial campaign speech? Neither were the Republicans and Democrats who had to attend the event, nor was Dana Milbank. He answered a question Jazz Shaw asked here last week about presidents and irrelevancy…

…It isn’t as if Obama had promised anything new. The “plan” — which still has not been released — consists of getting money to states to supposedly save the jobs of teachers and first responders, accelerating public-works projects, extending the payroll tax cut put into place in the December tax deal, and extending jobless benefits for at least another year. In case readers have forgotten, that’s what Obama called for in the 2009 jobs plan in the stimulus package.

At the time, Obama promised that by spending over $800 billion in borrowed money, we would keep unemployment below 8%. Had that approach worked, Obama wouldn’t have had to make a speech at all yesterday. His need to offer a Groundhog Day moment asking for a rerun of the stimulus blank check reveals just how badly his economic policies have failed — and just how bereft this administration is of any new ideas to replace them…

All Hail President Blair!

This column was written before the president’s Thursday night speech on job creation, but that matters little. The principle behind Obama’s speech — that government can “create” jobs — is well known and utterly flawed.

Government doesn’t create jobs, except in the most banal sense of employing people to meddle in other people’s business. Nor does it create an environment amenable to job creation. Jobs are best created in the absence of bureaucracy. If Washington carries on in the belief that government can do something other than get out of the way, our economy is doomed.

We can get a good idea of what will happen by looking at a country very similar to ours: the United Kingdom, which is farther down that road than we are. In a recent series of reports, aptly titled “Project Armageddon,” Tullett Prebon, one of the world’s largest inter-dealer money brokers, describes the trap in which the UK now finds itself. The final report, “Thinking the Unthinkable,” makes for a sobering read.

The basic premise should be familiar to anyone who has paid attention to the federal government’s activities over the past decade. The UK’s financial regulators, with the blessing of Labour prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, implemented a policy of easy money that allowed the British economy to expand dramatically on a foundation of private debt…

Obama’s Crony Capitalism: What the Solyndra debacle reveals about Obama’s economic strategy

The president’s address on jobs last night included some soaring phrases, but it left out one crucial word that epitomizes his approach to economics: Solyndra.

Fourteen months ago, the president was using his sonorous baritone to deliver soaring rhetoric about how his policies helped launch that now-broke company, which made cylindrical solar panels. The administration fast-tracked Solyndra’s loan guarantee through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act—i.e. the stimulus—perhaps because Solyndra’s principal backers just happened to have donated huge sums to the Obama election campaign. Washington guaranteed more than a half-billion in loans to Solyndra on the promise of 4,000 jobs…

…The Solyndra story encapsulates a much bigger issue than mere crony capitalism, bad as that is. Because Solyndra is not alone. The Obama administration has sunk billions into loan guarantees for dozens of other renewable-energy companies as well.

This is known as the political allocation of economic resources, and it entails all kinds of problems. The first and most basic: It’s wrong. Government should not be picking winners and losers in the marketplace.

Problem No. 2: corruption…

Paul Ryan Reacts to President Obama’s New Jobs Plan Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) shares his thoughts on President Obama’s plans for job growth, saying temporary tax rebates and stimulus will not work and will result in a debt hangover.

Steyn on ‘Pass this Bill’ refrain: ‘You can’t pass a teleprompter. It’s not in the U.S. Constitution’

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Update: The Least Serious President in the History of the Republic™ Makes the Most Irrelevant Speech in the History of the Republic, at Say Anything.

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