39 Lone Voices Of Sanity

by Mitch Berg
November 8, 2009

The NYTimes runs a handy graphic on the 39 Democrats who overcame their party’s collective insanity and voted for a free future, good healthcare, and a viable economy.

It’s illuminating – all but five of them came from districts that either McCain won, or that had voted Republican up until 2008. Tellingly, six of the last were from former Republican districts and won their seats by less than five points – in several cases, by less than a point. Tuesday’s election results had to have had an extra impact there.

Many, like Collin Peterson, represent solidly Republican areas, and are as safe as can be (Peterson won his last race by 45 points). Others, like Dennis Kucinich, apparently were angered by the fact the bill doesn’t give full benefits to plants.

All but 14 are classed as “Blue Dogs”.

Remember – this is a 39 vote swing in a chamber with a 75 vote Democrat majority. Passing Pelosicare should have been as simple as counting the votes.

Why the swing? Why did Nancy Pelosi come five votes from failing?

Because of you. You turned out at town halls and tea parties. You endured the insults and the mockery of the misbegotten “elites”. You flipped a big group bird at the “conventional wisdom”. And you almost pulled off the impossible – turning a near-supermajority against itself.

Don’t think the Senate – where we need two votes – is paying attention?

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CAJ Note: We are in the process of contacting these 39 House members to thank them for their votes.

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