500,000 Acre, Private Property Land-grab By U.S. Forest Service

Suzanne Eovaldi
The Western Center for Journalism

Nearly 200,000 American citizens in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties could lose free use of their private lands and property if the proposed Rim of the Valley National Park converting two national parks becomes law!  A continuation of United Nations-sponsored Agenda 21′s aims of shoving American citizens into carefully defined clusters of living space around large urban populations, the Rim of the Valley plan would severely affect personal liberty!  Urgent action is needed to stop this huge new federal land grab threat, says Chuck Cushman of the American Land Right Association.

“It will start with a small scope and gradually increase over time until the Federal Government and the National Park Service take over huge portions of the mountains around Los Angeles.”  The Rim of the Valley consists of parts of the Santa Monica Mountains, the Santa Susanna Mountains, the San Gabriel Mountains, the Verdugo Mountains, the San Rafael Hills, and adjacent connector areas to Los Padres and San Bernardino National Forests, according to Congressman Adam Schiff…

…Cushman reveals the mind-set of federal official David Hales who allegedly said, “If Congress puts a circle around a land area, we’re going to own it all.”  Such is the aim of Agenda 21, a one world, UN initiative designed to adversely impact private property rights (particularly in the United States) by seeking to cram residents into approximately 900 square feet of “dwelling space” and move them off of wide open land areas and out of suburban sprawl locations…

Read the entire article at The Western Center for Journalism.

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