Journalists uncover Obama lies

Brit Hume Refutes Obama’s Claim that His Policies Turned Around an Economy in Free-fall

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Here is video of Fox News’ Brit Hume last night refuting Barack Obama’s repeated contention that the U.S. Economy was in freefall when he took office. Hume actually points out that the worst was over before Obama became President, and there was actually a lessening of the shrinking economy in the first quarter of 2009, when Obama was inaugurated. Perhaps more importantly, Hume reminds us that “by June of 09,” the economy “began to grow again” – before “almost any” of Obama’s massive Stimulus spending took effect.

Obama’s constant claim to have inherited an economy in freefall and his actions stopped the fall and started the turnaround are just not supported by the facts. Further, deep recessions are usually followed by sharp recoveries – which Obama’s policies have hindered, and not helped.


Also, Local ABC News report: Obama’s China ad takes Romney out of context, misleading voters at The Right Scoop:

A good report by a local ABC News outfit in Toledo shows that Obama’s China attack ad on Romney completely takes him out of context, which the Toledo station calls “misleading”:


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