’60 Minutes’ interviews the Muslim Brotherhood about Boston’s Muslim Terrorists

Blazing Cat Fur

60 Minutes interviewed student members of the MSA –  the Muslim Student Association, about the Muslim Terrorist Dhokhar Tsarnaev. The MSA is a student group founded by the Muslim Brotherhood with a long list of Terrorist Graduates. 60 minutes makes no mention of the MSA’s sordid history….

He Seemed Like Such a Nice Guy

“The news is filled with comments made by people who knew the Boston Marathon bombers that they were “nice”, regular people. They cannot believe that the Tsarnaev brothers could be violent. This is not the first time we have heard such observations, but there is an added dimension. What happened was not just violence, but jihad.”


Watch the “60 Minutes” video at Blazing Cat Fur.


UpdateScandalous: OFA Collects Emails for Fundraising Off Boston Bombing

“You never want to let a crisis go to waste.”



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