911 Ride to Remember

Red Brick Studio

9/11 Ride to Remember filmed in Bethel CT 2013 by Royal Scott. Over 2,000 bikers traveled through Connecticut remembering the fallen. One of the lost was a firefighter associated with two Engine Companies. Both companies come to this point each year.

The entire ride took over a 1/2 hour to come through so I sped up the video.

The song is by Joe Satriani called Made of Tears.


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…Because the Washington DC government had been very slow to issue a permit, the Bikers’ event was almost invisible.  By early afternoon, bikers were scattered all over the metro DC area, some riding along the National Mall and Arlington Cemetery, while the vast majority of the riders looped around the Washington Beltway, several miles outside downtown.

The quickly-arranged bikers’ event was meant as a protest against the Muslim rally.

This observer spoke to about a dozen bikers scattered along Independence and Constitution Avenues.  Each one had a differing understanding about where they were supposed to be riding.  No two riders seemed to have the same story.  If the government was trying to diminish the impact of the riders’ presence in the DC area, they were successful.

Many of the bikers — some who had come from as far away as Florida and Southern Texas — took time to visit the war memorials along the Mall to honor those who had fallen while defending our nation…

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