9/11 victim’s daughter slams terror play

Erica Basnicki

TORONTO – Last night, I attended the opening of Homegrown, a play about Toronto 18 terrorist Shareef Abdelhaleem.

That Catherine Frid wants to stand up for the underdog is admirable.

That she thinks Abdelhaleem is an underdog worth standing up for is appalling.

To be fair, it would take one heck of a piece of theatre for this gal to show an ounce of sympathy toward a convicted terrorist.

This didn’t come close.

In one scene, the script referenced the playwright as a character (Frid visited Abdelhaleem in jail over 18 months) talking about the post 9/11 world.

But I couldn’t help thinking: What did she know about the post 9/11 world?

I’ve been living a post 9/11 world ever since 9/11.

My father, Ken, died on 9/11.

When blowing up people, places and things becomes part of your list of acceptable activities, for whatever reason, I don’t tend to feel sorry for you. Ever.

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