A question for our friends on the Left

Would you be comfortable with …


On July 24, 2010 Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) spoke at a town hall meeting. The questioner asked, if Obamacare can pass Constitutional muster, what possible Constitutional limits are there on the federal government?

I remember back when the Patriot Act was in the news, a fellow I know said, “You may be comfortable with George Bush having that much power, but what about the next president”


I’d like to offer this for the brave among you to use in challenging Leftists:

You may be comfortable with Obama having this much power, but what about the next president?”

Every power the federal government grabs unto itself is held by the next administration and the next and the next. Over the history of our nation, there have been three trends:

  1. Political power has migrated from individuals and states to the federal government;
  2. Power in the federal government has alternated between Democrats and Republican;
  3. Republicans have been in power more than half the time.

Read the complete article at HillBuzz.org. Video from Golden Gate Minutemen.

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