A Slap at Valerie

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The American Spectator

President Barack Obama‘s realignment of his senior staff in the White House was already having a ripple effect, but perhaps not in the way he intended.

According to White House sources, the loser in last week’s announcements that Chicago machinist, William Daley would return to Washington as Obama’s chief of staff was senior adviser Valerie Jarrett.

“She didn’t want that job, but she wanted more responsibilities shifted into her office,” says a White House source. “She wanted to remain the key point person for the White House’s interaction with the business community, and now that has been taken away from her.”

According to another White House source, Jarrett was advocating for more economic policy influence to be shifted to a White House council she would have essentially managed with new Council of Economic Advisers chair Gene Sperling.

“She insisted that Sperling needed to be managed, that he wasn’t ‘all in’ on our economic plans,” says one of the White House sources. She knows Daley and can work with him, but the realignment was a huge slap in the face to her…

…The only problem: the White House now views its relationship with American business as repaired, now that Daley is in the fold, and does not intend to perform much more intensive outreach than it already has. “There is a sense here that business has gotten its tax breaks, now it’s time to shut up and perform,” says one White House source…

[Regarding the Goldman Sachs-connected Gene Sperling] …a House committee staffer [said] “…This guy is cozy with the wrong people at the wrong time for the American people.”

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