A Stranger to His Own Presidency: All Those Times Obama ‘Heard About It on the News’ in 59 Seconds

Kyle Becker
Independent Journal Review

Washington Free Beacon came up with this great video showing all the times President Obama and his Press Secretary heard about any and all scandals involving the Obama administration ‘on the news.’

Let’s just say that Obama’s constant posturing as an outsider in his own presidency, instead of just taking responsibility and acting like a leader, is getting a bit predictable. Maybe he should try LinkedIn and get to know some of the people who are running his administration?



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…This White House’s “we found out on the news” formulation has become such predictable boilerplate that Allahpundit didn’t even have to spell it out in his earlier headline, and the “anger” charade is its inevitable counterpart.  Nobody is madder — “madder than hell” in this case — than the president, you guys…


In a nutshell:





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