A Venn Chart of the Administration’s Scandals

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…It is becoming hard to keep track as the President’s ball of string unravels. The dirty secrets of Obamacare are slamming the public daily. Huge premium increases; fewer health care options, and greater restrictions than ever had been imagined by even the President’s worst critics are all coming to light.

The IRS is daring Congress to do something about its criminal transgressions and political vendetta. The Department of Justice with its civil rights scandal, the Fast & Furious scandal, and now AP-Gate has never been more vulnerable.

Unless, of course, the crooks get away with it. The was a reason to highlight Plouffe’s mudslinging at the outset. These are the same Chicago-style tactics underlying the past 4 years of government. In your face and with no regard for the law.

The Administration’s criminality surpasses both Boss Tweed and Mayor Daley. Crony deals and spitting on the Constitution and common sense are the order of the day. Fifty years from now, the Obama era will be remembered as one of the most corrupt and undemocratic in our nation’s history. And where does it all lead eventually?…

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Congressional investigators are probing the highest echelons of the Internal Revenue Service in Washington, D.C., in connection with the agency’s targeting of conservative groups, according to documents obtained by National Review Online. Those documents, provided by an IRS employee who asked to remain anonymous, indicate that those being asked to provide computer data to investigators include the agency’s chief counsel, William J. Wilkins, and both of his deputies. The chief counsel is one of just two political appointments at the IRS made by the president…

Tom Brokaw on Holder: If It Was John Ashcroft, ‘The Left Would Be Going Very Hard After Them’

…“From a political point of view, one of the ways that you can measure the impact of all of this and the fairness of it, think if this had happened in the Bush administration with John Ashcroft as the attorney general. You know full well the Democrats and the left would be going very hard after them with these issues that are in play,” Brokaw said on NBC’s “Meet the Press…


Scandalpalooza Is Team O trying to tire us out? by Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds.

The Obama Scandalpalooza continues. It’s gotten so bad that some pundits have even suggested that they’re bringing everything out at once to induce “scandal fatigue” and make it all fade away. Well, maybe — there’s certainly a lot…


IRS Agent Was So Disturbed by Targeting, Sought Another Job

An unnamed senior Cincinnati Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agent was so uncomfortable with the IRS’s political targeting of conservative groups that in July 2010 he or she applied for another job.

“It was the whole tea party,” said the senior agent. “It was the whole picture. I mean, it was micromanagement. The fact that the subject area was extremely sensitive and it was something that I didn’t want to be associated with.”…


UpdateRyan Lizza: New DOJ letter codifies Holder’s ‘journalism can be a crime’ argument



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