ACORN’s GOP Supporters

Via Breitbart’s BigGovernment:

Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava is not your typical Republican candidate. Running in a special election in upstate New York for the seat of departing Congressman John McHugh, she has, naturally, picked up the support of state and national Republican party officials. She has secured the full support of the National Republican Congressional Committee and that of its chairman, Texas Rep. Pete Sessions.

But, she has also picked up the support of the DailyKos, not a traditionally deep well of support for Republicans. Oh, and ACORN’s Working Families Party. Below is a memo Big Government obtained circulating among leaders of the conservative movement. It is from New York State Conservative Party Chair, Mike Long:

…The NRCC is using the contributions of loyal Republicans across the country to fund the Congressional bid of Liberal New York State Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava.

Assemblywoman Scozzafava supports the Obama tax-and-spend Stimulus Package – – the same package the Republicans now in Congress unanimously rejected. She defends the kind of earmarked pork-barrel spending that cost Republicans so much credibility in the last election. She supports Big Labor’s card check attack on the secret ballot…

Read the entire letter and entry here.

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