Actually, Obama 'Manufactured' the Crisis

Joel B. Pollak
Big Government
18 Oct 2013

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…while the House and Senate passed parallel budgets (the Senate for the first time in years), President Obama sent new Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew on a nationwide tour blasting Republicans (back in Washington) that they dare not fail to raise the debt limit. Lew gave the same speech in August (Silicon Valley) that he gave in May (Cleveland).

Along the way, Lew repeatedly used the term “manufactured crisis” to describe the budget sequester–“harsh, indiscriminate spending cuts…reckless, across-the board reductions” that the White House itself had proposed as part of the Budget Control Act of 2011. Inadvertently, then, Lew correctly claimed credit for the Obama administration in manufacturing a crisis–in the course of manufacturing a new one.

Republicans took the bait, partly because the new budget and debt limit deadlines coincided with the rollout of Obamacare. Democrats described Obamacare as an “unrelated” issue, but the effect of Obamacare on the government’s long-term debt was a key reason that the Bowles-Simpson recommendations for budget reform foundered in 2010. “Defunding” was near-impossible, but Democrats rejected even a useful delay.

On Thursday morning, the leaders of the budget process in the House and Senate put on an impressive show of civility, pledging to work together. But they had not conferenced since 2009 because Democrats did not want to compromise. They wanted a fight, to produce exactly the triumphalist lecture President Obama delivered. This was indeed a “manufactured crisis.” It is the only thing this president knows how to produce.


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…We spend quite a bit of time on this website talking about the need to stand in the sunlight of your own beliefs and not be discouraged.   There is a reason why President Obama tells our national audience to stop listening to talk radio, bloggers, and those who stand in opposition to the leftward march of his rigid ideologues.  They would prefer you to find comfort amid the shadows.

Their reason is the same now as it always has been. The Fabian’s need to convince you your views are in the minority.   They hold a collective view of all governance, and individual liberty and freedom principles run directly in opposition to their own goals.

The Fabian goals are achieved by destruction of common acceptances and “Remould Closer To Their Heart’s Desire”.    Hence, they need you to actually operate against your beliefs of individualism, and they need to continue convincing people to vote against their own individual best interests.

Considering the morale of liberty against the backdrop of the Fabian intents we have drawn historical references to the Polish Solidarity movement….




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