Administration Concedes: Obamacare Is Prohibitively Expensive

Spencer Cowan
The Weekly Standard

In a rare moment of candor, the Obama administration has acknowledged that the so-called Affordable Care Act is making insurance less affordable for millions of Americans.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services the other night issued a press release that outlines new options for the nearly 5 million Americans who have received cancellation notices from their health insurers.  Not surprisingly, these Americans are “finding other coverage options to be more expensive than their cancelled plans or policies,” CMS explains.

Courtesy of the administration’s ad hoc announcement, these 5 million Americans—regardless of their age—may now enroll in Obamacare-compliant catastrophic plans, which were previously limited to people younger than 30 years old.  But these plans aren’t cheap, in part because they must still provide preventive services—such as contraception, sterilization, and abortifacients—at no cost to the policyholder.  Indeed, a 26-year-old in Milwaukee faces a $1,983 premium for the least expensive catastrophic plan.  And in Philadelphia, the cheapest catastrophic plan for a 29-year-old carries a $2,189 premium.

Because the administration has only now widened the eligibility requirements for catastrophic plans, we do not know how much these plans will cost for Americans over 30 years old…

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Obamacare: Impact on Seniors

…While bits and pieces of the massive law are designed to appeal to seniors—more taxpayer subsidies for the Medicare drug benefit, for example—much of the financing over the initial 10 years is siphoned off from an estimated $575 billion in projected savings to the Medicare program. Unless Medicare savings are captured and plowed right back into the Medicare program, however, the solvency of the Medicare program will continue to weaken. The law does not provide for that. Medicare is already burdened by an unfunded liability of $38 trillion…






Pandering Obamacare ad more insulting than Robertson’s comments, says GOP gay group 

…In a news release Sunday, the conservative gay group the Log Cabin Republicans said the video by the gay Obamacare group Out2Enroll was more insulting to gays than anything “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson said.

“This cynical ad betrays the depths Obamacare advocates will sink to in order to pad their pathetic enrollment numbers,” Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo said in a statement…



Update: Will the Number of Uninsured Rise Under ObamaCare?

It is cruelly ironic, but the massive law that was enacted to solve the problem of the uninsured in America is more likely to worsen it. This would be true even if the program is perfectly implemented and all the provisions come online on time and within budget.

How could this be? It is a multistep process…



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