AFP buses traveling to Washington, DC on 5 November

If you live in North Carolina, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania Americans for Prosperity is providing buses to Washington, DC for tomorrow’s Congressional House Call Day gathering with Rep. Michele Bachmann.


Go to the AFP website if you need a ride to hear Rep. Bachmann, Jon Voight, and Mark Levin speak on the Capitol steps against Nancy Pelosi’s health care bill.

In a conference call this evening Congresswoman Bachmann asked those of you who will be making your own travel arrangements to please bring your cameras, carry change with you for the Metro, print a map of the city so that you can easily navigate your way to the event. She suggested that you plan to arrive well before noon because a fairly large crowd is expected to attend.

During the call the representative from Americans for Prosperity said they will try to have plenty of staff at the event wearing AFP badges, so please look for them if you need assistance when you arrive.

If you wish to familiarize yourself with the alternative health care bill offered by the GOP, go to GOP Solutions for America. Congresswoman Bachmann stressed that if the Pelosi/Reid/Obama bill is passed the government will be in charge of our health care from cradle to grave, that this health care bill will be “the crown jewel of Socialism.”

A guest on this evening’s Glenn Beck program, surgeon Dr. David Janda, said that a rationing board has already been appointed by President Obama and that much of the “new” health care rules and rationing were hidden in the “stimulus bill” passed in February and are already in effect! If we don’t want more of this kind of legislation taking over our lives, we must stop HR 3962 and allow the GOP’s alternative bill to see the light of day for consideration.

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