Al Gore Cheating Scandal Erupts

Emily Miller
Washington Times

From the moment Al and Tipper Gore announced their split two weeks ago, the timing seemed suspicious. The Gores had just celebrated their 40th anniversary weeks before and bought an $8.8 million ocean view mansion in California in late April.

The Al Gore cheating scandal, which erupted on Tuesday, came as no surprise to some in Washington.

Rumors of former Vice President Al Gore’s extramarital affairs have been whispered in D.C. for many years, but fondness for Tipper and loyalty to Gore has protected him. So, the public has been shocked – with many still in denial – by tabloid reports of his infidelities.

The National Enquirer, which gained respect from its breaking the news of John Edwards’ cheating, reportedthat the Gore divorce was caused by Tipper’s jealousy over other women including “an environmentalist named to a prominent cabinet position by Gore when he was vice president, a sexy Hollywood actress, a gorgeous massage therapist” and “a Tennessee Titans cheerleader.”…

…Al Gore’s extramarital affairs are also relevant because some allegedly occurred while he was in public office. If this is true, the timing of his affairs raises serious legal questions…

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