Alaska Election Officials Respond To Miller’s Vote Tampering Allegations

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Earlier today the Miller campaign released a letter alleging that a Murkowski election observer had access to the state’s voter computer system and could have had access to voter information but more importantly the ability to tamper with the vote totals.

The state has now responded to the Miller campaign’s letter.

(The director of the Election Division Gail) Fenumiai said Murkowski observer Mike) Roman would not have been able compromise the state’s election management system regardless. “There is no GEMS* server in the Wasilla office so there’s no way the state ballot tabulation system was compromised,” Fenumiai said.

It’s still possible that Roman violated rules by texting from within the ballot rule and possible taking unauthorized notes. While any violation of the rules can be serious, it seems the integrity of the count hasn’t been compromised.
*GEMS (Global Election Management System) appears to be the name of the electronic voting/tabulation system they use in Alaska. It’s made by….DIEBOLD insert scary music here.

Update: Da Techguy writes Robert Stacy McCain is in Alaska:

following the Joe Miller recount story.

You know the blood pressure of Mrs. Other McCain not withstanding if more reporters did what Stacy does, that is , actually go out and report the media would be held in more respect.

That doesn’t mean that Dan Riehl isn’t doing his best from the lower 48.

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