America 2011: Security Forces Struggle to Get Control of Wisconsin Capitol

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A mob currently controls the Wisconsin capitol building. They are trying to prevent an elected legislature from convening. If the left will go this far to protect their own pampered status in one state, imagine what they’ll do when we have to tackle the federal budget crisis.

…At a certain time, security forces will pick up legislators from their houses, proceed to Madison, drop them off at another secure location where they will receive new instructions.

Madison police won’t be used due to their lack of cooperation. [Emphasis CAJ. Oathkeepers, WDYT?] State troopers and other statewide security forces will provide the escort.

If they get inside, they will give the Democrats a set time when the vote will take place.  No amendments.  Democrats are free to do whatever in the meantime. Go into caucus, scream at the Republican etc. But once they reach the set time, if the building is still secure, the vote will be taken…

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Ann Althouse has photos taken this morning here.

She also writes this morning:

The “mob scene” at the Wisconsin Capitol [this] morning aimed at preventing the Assembly from voting.

“Mob scene” is Meade’s expression.  He was there, unable to get in and hearing rumors about legislators unable to get in.

MORE: From Meade: Legislators can get into the building, but Republicans are being blocked from getting to their offices and into the Assembly chamber. It’s the Assembly that needs to vote on the bill that the Senate passed last night, leading to the renewed protests. Meade heard from a source that Democratic legislators unlocked at least one door that leads to the doors for a cluster of Republican legislative offices. That would appear to be part of a scheme to prevent the vote.

“This is what democracy looks like” — that’s the chant we’ve heard for 3 weeks. How do you like this new democracy, that has a mob storming the Capitol and, with the aid of the minority party, blocking the access of the majority party into their offices and into the legislative chamber? It looks more like anarchy to me.

Althouse and husband Meade have been our eyes and ears in Madison for the past three weeks.

Update: Several unbelievable videos were posted at The Blaze this morning.  Kudos to the very restrained WI State Police!

Update 2: Legal Insurrection, The Other Loser In Wisconsin – Law Enforcement Credibility

…If law enforcement does not ensure the ability of the Assembly to meet in the Capitol this morning, including providing safe passage for legislators, then law enforcement will have damaged its unique standing in society.

The police unions in Madison are on the verge of destroying the credibility of law enforcement by taking sides in this political dispute….

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