America Will Self-Correct After Obama

Kevin Jackson
The Black Sphere

…I’d rather live in Detroit than live in any country in Africa. On a continent with 53 countries run by black people, very few “African Americans” are searching for their roots and relocating to the Motherland. Life in Africa is so bad, that almost every African country has a lottery for Africans to get the opportunity to come to America. Disgruntled blacks in American can go to live in Africa with no obstructions, and they will not go. Blacks who do visit African for the reasons mentioned earlier, visit, then get their butts back to America–Land of the free, home of the African-America! And home of clean water and constant electrical service. Oh, and great food, and modern conveniences. Oh, and FREEDOM! Despite our problems, America remains the greatest country in the world…

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…Under decades of Liberalism, America has fallen into decay. Obama’s administration showcases the effects of unchecked Liberalism better than any other, with things like the big powerful malevolent government, reverse discrimination, rampant poverty, and the list goes on. However, America will self-correct. That is what the American Spirit is all about.



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