American Airlines ground workers seek release from contract talks

Sandra Baker

…“We are now at an impasse with AMR [American Airlines],” said John Conley, director of the union’s Air Transport Division. “We no longer have a tentative agreement, and no ballots will be presented to members for a ratification vote.”

The union asked the mediation board to declare an impasse in March, but the board told the parties to keep talking.

A few weeks ago, the union and American said they had reached a tentative agreement. But the proposal never went to a vote by the nearly 11,000 baggage handlers and other ground workers that clean aircraft, fuel planes and move freight.

Should the board declare an impasse and release the union from mediation, under the Railway Labor Act a 30-day cooling-off period would start, after which the union could call a strike or the company could enforce a lockout. [Emphasis added]…

The article continues at the Ft Worth Star-Telegram

H/T Don Loos at who wrote, “Unfortunately, employees are often left out of the union contract process because contracts virtually always grant union officials a monopoly voice and decision making powers over all workers whether they wanted it or not. This is just another example, among many, of how forced monopoly unionism is undemocratic and takes away the rights of individual workers.” There’s more at

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