America’s Deadly Roller Coaster

by Isaac Kohn
Arutz Sheva
Israel National News

…It seems that to Barack Obama, the other problems in today’s complex and dangerous world are not as urgent as his desire to tear Israel apart.

Ignoring history, side-stepping the real issues preventing any possible peace between Israel and the so-called Palestinians, Barak Hussein Obama – the pro-Islam, ultra-leftist president of the once-greatest country in the world – chastised Israel and demanded that it retreat, give in and surrender to Arab demands. He has become the spokesperson, the lawyer and the advocate for the Arab demands against the Jews. Instead of standing up there in the UN and warning Hamas and Hizbullah and the rest of the terrorist conglomerates itching to destroy the Jewish State, President Obama gave them courage and ammunition. His insistence that Israel stop all construction is a demand which not even the Palestinians demanded nor hoped for, until the garlic-odor came out of his mouth.

The man is dangerous. What Obama has done to the US is not something one can do with impunity. He has offended Britain and other close allies, the US economy is in shambles (and let’s stop blaming former President George Bush; the deep hole created by the leftist president and his tax-trigger-happy cohorts in the US congress, is something only a Democrat can do), the insurgency in Iraq is gaining momentum as America is losing ground, and in Afghanistan the winds of defeat are blowing hard. North Korea laughs at Obama, the mentally-deficient Iranian Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has only contempt for him, and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez thinks more of his dog then he does of the US president. Russia’s Vladimir Putin and his stooge Dmitry Medvedev treat him as a nuisance, and dismiss his rhetoric and demands as nothing but posturing, as they call his bluff.

And he surrenders. And buckles under and reneges on American promises to allies and friends. His popularity and approval ratings, on which he has been riding high, are taking a nose dive as the saddle he sits on is suddenly less comfortable.

Oh, he knows how to talk and give speeches. As an orator, he’s one of the best. His attempts at magic solutions to our most complex issues do not impress anyone. The veneer is wearing thin and the messianic aura with which his crazed followers boosted him onto the world’s tallest pedestal, is dissipating quickly.

The United States is more vulnerable today than at any other time in its history. The war on terror has been eliminated. After all, why would Muslim extremists want to hurt the US when the President is such a supporter of that bloody religion? Do you feel safe now?…

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