Amid increasing death threats, NRA braces for D.C. anti-gun march led by left-wing CREDO Mobile


…Twitchy reported earlier tonight on the barrage of death threats directed at NRA president David Keene and members of the NRA in the aftermath of the Newtown, Conn., school massacre.

Now comes word that enraged anti-gun activists will march on Monday to the NRA headquarters in Washington, D.C. CREDO Mobile is a left-wing wireless reseller that donates part of its profits to radical George Soros-funded Media Matters for America, ACORN affiliate Project Vote, Color of Change, and the Sierra Club Foundation.

We hope law enforcement is aware of the threats and we will pray that no harm comes to the law-abiding, peaceful NRA leaders and members who are facing increasing demonization for their support of constitutional principles.

Just a reminder that the conservative Family Research Council office in D.C. was the target of a politically motivated shooting in August.

A question for CREDO Mobile:

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Read the entire article at Twitchy.

Update: Texas Democratic Party leader, blogger calls for shooting NRA members

…Ironically, after calling for the deaths of NRA members and their defenders, Cobarruvias called the NRA domestic terrorists.

“Let’s face it. The #NRA is nothing but a domestic terrorist organization. They have done NOTHING to stop this violence except make excuses,” he added.

On Saturday, he posted a comment on his Facebook page asking NRA members to “un-friend” him and issued a disturbing message.

“They need to [be] wiped off the face of the earth,” he wrote, speaking of the NRA and those who support owning guns.

“Personsally if they were wiped off the planet it wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit,” he wrote in another comment…

H/T Weasel Zippers: How progressive.

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