An American story: ‘Assimilating with panache’

From the blog, Sisu
by Sissy Willis
[Thank you, Sissy!]
October 31, 2009


“I am a lion,” oldest sister of the family next door explained as she and her siblings approached our front door late afternoon on this Halloween Night, transmogrifying a Muslim headscarf into the golden mane of the King of the Jungle. Middle sister was also a cat, more of the domestic variety. They have a couple of pet cats at home across the yard and often wave and chat with us when we’re out wrangling Tiny.


The sisters had learned how to apply the striking cat make-up at a neighborhood festival across the Creek in East Boston last summer. Baby sister (right) may or may not have been a tiger (note striped sleeves). Lots of cat-themed fabrics. Very imaginative costuming. They brought a little package of cat toys as a hostess gift for Tiny.


“We wanted to scare you,” they teased. We may not have been frightened, but as far as Tiny was concerned, it was a terrorist attack. Especially on the part of baby sister, who pursued her across the yard, into the house and up the stairs for elusive petting opportunities. We hadn’t had trick-or-treaters for years since the neighborhood kids had grown up, moved away and had kids of their own. Delightful to see the latest wave of immigrants assimilating with such panache — playing with elements of their native culture — to this all-American autumn ritual.

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