Analysis: No one is being held responsible for Benghazi

Jake Tapper
The Lead with Jake Tapper

As of Tuesday, it became official – the Obama administration is holding no one responsible for what happened during the deadly attacks on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya.

Last fall it was only a matter of days after four Americans were killed in Benghazi before evidence appeared indicating that State Department officials paid insufficient attention to requests from diplomats and security personnel in Libya, desperately asking for additional security…

…How bad was it? Recall the testimony of the former regional security officer in Libya, Eric Nordstrom, who left his post less than two months before the attack, describing how State Department officials continually shot down his requests for additional security.

“You know what makes most frustrating about this assignment? It is not the hardships, it is not the gunfire, it is not the threats. It is dealing and fighting against the people, programs and personnel who are supposed to be supporting me … For me the Taliban is on the inside of the building,” Nordstrom testified last October.

That’s the regional security officer in Libya describing State Department officials as the Taliban…


The complete article, with video, is at CNN’s blog The Lead with Jake Tapper.

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Accountability was a quaint concept anyway…


At Big Peace:

…A senior State Dept official said that “as soon as [Kerry] came into the department,” he wanted to review “the ARB’s findings and match those against his own on-the-job findings about security.” After his “high command” did this for him, Kerry was convinced that no official “had committed breaches of duty that would warrant outright termination.”…




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