And another pipeline closed off: Jindal halts ACORN funds

By Michelle Malkin
September 17, 2009

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal today cut off state funding for the community activist group ACORN.

Jindal has also blocked any state agency for entering into contracts with the organization.

The executive order also cuts off any future state funding of ACORN, on the heels of a series of embarrassing incidents for the organization.
The governor’s action follows a subpoena of documents from the group’s national headquarter office in New Orleans.

According to Jindal’s executive order, “ACORN’s actions make clear that financial involvement with ACORN is contrary to the public policy of the State of Louisiana and the best interests of its citizens.”

Malkin’s source is website of WWL-AM 870/FM105.3 in New Orleans. There is much more information about Governor Jindal’s announcement today on their site.

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