Anderson Cooper Compares Obama to Nixon, Spotlights Declining Approval Ratings

By Lachlan Markay
October 22, 2009

How do you know that the White House’s anti-Fox News campaign has gone seriously wrong? When CNN, let alone Anderson Cooper, begins to compare the Obama and Nixon administrations (video h/t Mediaite’s Colby Hall).

On last night’s “360,” Cooper stated that “this White House is starting to look like another White House and the comparison is not flattering.” He showed a clip of Sen. Lamar Alexander, documented yesterday by NewsBuster Noel Sheppard, offering a “friendly suggestion” to President Obama.

I have an uneasy feeling only 10 months into the new administration that we’re beginning to see the symptoms of this same kind of animus developing in the Obama administration. And as those of use who served in the Nixon administration know, that can get you in a lot of trouble… Don’t create an enemies list.

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