Andrew Breitbart: Bulldog for the Cause


Rush Limbaugh

A few words about Andrew Breitbart. I’ve known Andrew Breitbart since the 1990s when he was working with Matt Drudge to help produce that page, the Drudge Report, each and every day. He grew up in West Los Angeles, surrounded by liberals, father-in-law Orson Bean, the comedian. Sometime during the 1990s, the early nineties, Breitbart had an awakening. He was constantly questioning what was all around him, which was really extreme liberalism, and he became, as many of you in the audience know, a bulldog. He literally was an indefatigable bulldog for the conservative cause. He did things that nobody else has done on the Internet where there are a lot of players. He accomplished quite a lot, much more than a lot of people…

…when something like this happens to somebody a lot of people know at a very young age, you could say he died too young by half, he’s 43, life expectancy in the early eighties. You’re reminded once again, it’s become a cliche but it’s worth mentioning. You only get one life, and most people don’t get as much out of it as they could…

…And I’ve been made aware that some of the leftists on Twitter and other blog sites are filled with an unspeakable callous and coarse mean-spiritedness today. When I heard about it I went to some of these sites and I read some of the tweets, some of them from well-known left-wing journalists,, you would not believe it, I’m struck. What is there to compromise with these people? Where is the area for compromise with these people? I mean it is really vicious stuff, which, in the end he would have loved and was a testament to his effectiveness and how effective he was…

…Wouldn’t you think that real-life journalists would applaud Breitbart’s efforts to expose government corruption and media bias? I mean, what does the media claim to exist to do? To hold the powerful accountable! “Speak truth to power,” is that the phrase? Well, the mainstream media has become part of the power. When that power is held by the Democrat Party, the mainstream media covers up the corruption. He was exposing it. He did more and greater work than Woodward and Bernstein! He should have been one of their heroes. But he wasn’t. He should have been given the same kind of hero worship that Woodward and Bernstein have gotten. And unlike the work of Woodward and Bernstein, Breitbart’s investigations were actually truthful…

…All in all, this AP article just goes to show that the country desperately needs another thousand more Andrew Breitbarts, if you ask me. He was something…

…Andrew Breitbart was 43 years old and he’s going to be missed by everybody who knew him.

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