Anonymous Threatens NYPD: ‘If The Brutality Doesn’t Stop, We Will Take You Down From The Internet’

Left-Wing Institute for Civil Discourse

A warning to the NYPD  from the hacker group, Anonymous appeared on YouTube, today, with the following message:

“We, as it is our duty to uphold the freedoms of the people, will constitute a declaration of war against the NYPD. If the brutality does not stop, if we hear of brutality within the next 36 hours, then we will take you down from the internet as you have taken the protestors voices away from the airwaves…

We are Anonymous…. we are legion…(etc, etc.)

The message starts one minute in, in case you want to skip the dramatics at the beginning…

There’s the video and much more at

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Update: Apparently, DC is the next stop.

…Encouraging its members and supporters to pursue “a culture of resistance,” O-2011 selected Washington, DC’s Freedom Plaza as the site of its first major Call to Action, scheduled for October 6, 2011. This date was chosen because it marked the tenth anniversary of America’s post-9/11 invasion of Afghanistan, and because it represented what O-2011 called “the beginning of the 2012 federal austerity budget”—a reference to a recently passed debt-ceiling bill designed to curb the United States’ escalating national debt. Promoting the October 6 event as a “nonviolent resistance similar to the Arab Spring and the Midwest awakening,” O-2011 has pledged to “resist the corporate machine” and to “demand that America’s resources be invested in human needs and environmental protection instead of war and exploitation.”

More than 150 organizations are scheduled to send representatives to the DC gathering on October 6…

…Among O-2011’s leading figures is the Baltimore-based attorney and longtime radical activist Kevin Zeese.

In September 2011, a number of O-2011 activists—including Zeese, Medea Benjamin, and Noam Chomsky—collaborated with several Egyptian activists who were instrumental in the historic Tahrir Square demonstrations earlier in the year, to draft a pledge of “solidarity.” Emphasizing the goals that Americans and Egyptians allegedly hold in common, this pledge likens the political corruption which existed in Egypt under Hosni Mubarak to “American elections [which] are actually dominated by the wealth of economic elites and concentrated corporate power.” …

Read the whole thing.

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