Are Occupiers just tragic victims of public education?

Because, if their comments [and spelling] are any indication, they clearly did not use any critical thinking during the 2008 election.

Occupy Hope and Change
Fury at Obama Erupts as Occupy Wall Street Rallies in New York City

Adam Kredo
The Washington Free Beacon

Numerous protesters at yesterday’s Occupy Wall Street rally in New York City viciously blasted President Obama as a horrible failure, signaling a major break from a liberal base that once celebrated Obama’s lofty rhetoric of hope and change…

…“The guy freaks me out a little bit,” the man said. “I’m not going to lie. He’s pretty, and we all think we did something because of his color, and I don’t discount that, but for f—k’s sake, he scares the hell out of me.”…

…“I voted for Obama, and it was a big mistake,” said one protestor who lofted a sign equating Obama with a swastika symbol. “I’m very angry about it. Obama is murdering thousands of people throughout the world with his drone strikes.”

The occupier accused Obama of having the same foreign policy priorities as his predecessor, George W. Bush.

“The foreign policy between Bush and Obama is the same. He hasn’t changed,” he said. “[Obama] did talk like a Nazi in the campaign, but you gotta vote for a black president, which I did, but I will never again vote for a Democrat, not even for dog catcher.”… [emphasis CAJ]

…Other demonstrators expressed their disappointment by carrying signs that were highly critical of the president’s policy choices.

One referred to the president as “Ali baba Obama” and labeled him a “political gangster” who should “keep your bloody hands off Libia [sic], N. Korea, Arabias [sic], Cuba.”…

Read the entire article, and watch the video, at The Washington Free Beacon.

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Wait! What? Did these liberals admit to being racists, too? Maybe they should have read the President’s autobiographies…he is, in fact, bi-racial. Among other things.

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