At NRA meeting, Cruz goes after Obama gun agenda

Gregory Korte
USA Today

HOUSTON — Sen. Ted Cruz brought a pro-Constitution anti-crime message to the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting Friday, challenging Vice President Biden to an hour-long debate on gun violence.

More than 6,000 NRA members gave Cruz, a freshman Texas Republican and a rising GOP star, a standing ovation for threatening to filibuster attempts to pass gun-control legislation.

Just a couple of months ago, Cruz said, the gun bill “looked like an unstoppable freight train.” But that legislation is now in doubt after senators blocked an amendment last month that would have expanded background checks to include sales at gun shows and over the Internet.

“The Constitution matters. All of the Constitution,” Cruz said. “It’s not pick and choose. It’s not take the parts you like and get rid of the parts you don’t like.”…

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At the NRA’s website there is live streaming. The Right Scoop is also live streaming this weekend’s event.


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