Attorney: Justina Would Have Been Better Treated In A MA Prison Than She Was By DCF

Michael Graham
The Natural Truth

An incredible interview today with Mat Staver, one of the attorneys helping represent the Pelletier family in their fight to get their daughter Justina back.

One point he made that hit particularly hard was this one:

Under Massachusetts law, prison inmates get up to five visits per week, medical care, and education rights. DCF has granted Justina one visit per week, little medical care, and no education, even though she is just 15 years of age.

Justina Pelletier has been treated far worse than an incarcerated felon by the state of Massachusetts.

At last Justina will be back under the care of the doctors at Tufts–you know, the doctors who were treating her when she DIDN’T need a wheelchair?  This is great news. Unfortunately, as Mat points out in the interview, Justina may have suffered long-term harm from being denied treatment for her mitochondrial disorder since February 2013…


The article continues, with audio of the conversation, at The Natural Truth.



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Commentary by Mat Staver, the Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, Chairman of Liberty Counsel Action, Chairman of Liberty Action PAC, Chairman of The Salt & Light Council, Vice President and Chief Counsel for the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, and serves on a number of other boards. Mat also serves as Dean and Professor of Law for Liberty University School of Law. Mat is a nationally recognized constitutional attorney and appellate advocate. He has argued cases before the United States Supreme Court and submitted numerous briefs to the High Court. Mat is a Trustee for the Supreme Court Historical Society…


Update: Conn. Legislators Sign Letter Asking State Agency ‘Not to Assume Custody and Care’ of Justina Pelletier

…“In the face of legal opposition and media scrutiny, it now appears that Massachusetts DCF wants to back away from this case and restore Justina to the custody of her parents,” the letter penned by Sen. Joe Markley said. “We see no reason for the Connecticut Department of Children and Families to involve itself in a case which has been so thoroughly examined to so little effect. This distressing story should end with Justina at home in the care of her parents, and we hope you will not delay that resolution.”…



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