Vote Early, Vote Often, Vote Wherever You'd Like

Katie Pavlich 10/11/2012

Yesterday we brought you a new Project Veritas video showing an Obama for America director in Houston helping an undercover reporter vote in two separate states. Now, another video shows volunteers in Brooklyn and an official Obama for America office in Minnesota encouraging double voting.


Clearly, this is not […]

Netanyahu, Romney to Speak Friday

Love Israel? Look closely, vote wisely

Michael Savage Facebook 9/28/2012

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THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has scheduled a phone call for late morning Friday with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

President Obama refused to meet with Netanyahu on his trip to the […]

Obama Administration Has Another Bad Day at the Supreme Court

Bruce McQuain Conservative Commune 4/26/2012

When the oral arguments were being made for ObamaCare, I made the observation that Solicitor General Donald Verrilli sounded like a man trying to defend arguments he really didn’t believe in. Add to that the fact that they were weak arguments and you have a man facing the Supreme Court […]

Death of the Moderate…Democrat

Erick Erickson RedState 4/27/2012

It is worth noting that on Tuesday several moderate Democrats went down in flames in Pennsylvania, continuing a trend that has escalated since 2008. Liberals do not want moderate Democrats in their caucus.

What is most interesting about it from a conservative perspective, however, is how there has not been a […]

Walmart shooter won’t face charges

Zach Benoit Billings Gazette 2/10/2010

Charges will not be filed against a man accused of shooting a co-worker in the forehead at the West End Walmart last summer, Yellowstone County Attorney Dennis Paxinos announced Wednesday.

In a written statement, Paxinos said the actions of Craig Schmidt, 49, who was accused of shooting 32-year-old Danny Lira […]

President Softens Language on Wall Street Bonuses He Once Called ‘Obscene’ and ‘Shameful’

Jake Tapper ABC News 2/10/2010

As recently as just a few weeks ago, President Obama called massive Wall Street bonuses “obscene,” language that fit right in with his previous descriptions for them such as “the height of irresponsibility” and “shameful,” an “outrage” and a violation “our fundamental values.”

But in an interview published today with […]