Ayers Teaches Revolutional Theory at Occupy Chicago

EXPLOSIVE VIDEO — Terrorist BILL AYERS Teaches Revolutionary Theory at Occupy Chicago

Jim Hoft

On October 20th, 2011 the Obama-endorsed Occupy Chicago activists invited unrepentant domestic terrorist turned University of Illinois professor, Bill Ayers, to lead a “teach-in” on the virtues of confrontational tactics. The teaching session was dubbed “non-violent disobedience” in the anti-capitalist revolution.

Bill Ayers told the young leftists about how he met with the North Vietnamese to discuss fomenting revolution in America.
The meeting was held on the street in downtown Chicago. The young activists lapped it up.

The video was released tonight by the EAG Foundation:

So, who else noticed that the local news cameraman shook Ayers’s hand at the beginning of the clip?

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Trevor Loudon writes:

Former Weather Underground terrorist leader, and long time colleague of president Barack Obama, Bill Ayers  is actively supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement, in his home town of Chicago – while his education activist brother Rick Ayers wants to see the movement extended to the nation’s schools…

Read the rest at New Zeal.

UpdateRadical Bill Ayers Speaks to Occupy Chicago Protesters about Revolution & the Tea Party

…“A big bright line running through the Tea Party movement is Jingoism, Nativism, racism,” he told the protesters. “A big bright line is funding from the Koch brothers.” …

Update 2: Chicago’s really cracking down. Ayers holds forth

Oh yeah, we’re going to have dog license scofflaws get their leash pulled, speed cameras flashing for fines around educational institutions, “lawmakers” even want to take away felonious former Dem Gov Blago’s pension (cuz remember he tried to sell Barack’s Senate seat to the pure as the driven snow Rahmbo)

But unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers…

Read the rest here.

Also, The Ayers Brothers Connection: Coaching #OccupyChicago, Calling for School ‘Occupations’, by Trevor Loudon at New Zeal.

…Is the “Occupy” movement a passing phase that will wither when the first blasts of winter hit Chicago and New York and Milwaukee?  Or is this the beginning  a much more significant and dangerous period of US history?

The involvement of veteran activists like the Ayers brothers indicates that this is no mere passing explosion of youthful anarchist outrage. The “mature” left is backing OWS for a reason. They’ve been waiting for this for a long time. They knew it would come. After all, their Marxist creed tells them that revolution is inevitable. Its only a matter of time.

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