Bachmann: Stop Barney Frank’s power grab in the financial sector

by Ed Morrissey
December 11, 2009

Is Rep. Michele Bachmann a “lovable little fuzzball”? Those of us who know her on a more personal basis know that’s a pretty good description of Michele personally, but politically, she’s about as tough as they get. Breitbart TV’s B-cast interviews Bachmann, who brings listeners up to date on Barney Frank’s financial-reform legislation, which dropped on the House last week. It’s 1300 pages long, and the vote will be taken — today. It reorders the entire financial-services industry and vastly increases government control over it. Oh, and ACORN, too.

Frank bypassed the committee process, according to Bachmann, and she doesn’t see much hope for stopping it in the House. She wants to encourage people to put pressure on the Senate, where she thinks the bill can be stopped (via Powip):

Does calling Congress actually work? Bachmann says it absolutely does. She also encourages people to call their Representatives today to at least try to stop this bill, but like Bachmann, I think the chances of stopping it there are negligible, especially since Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank have a 75-seat majority and the bill has flown under the radar during the health-care debate in the Senate. It will be tough to stop in the upper chamber, but not impossible. We just need to get this on our radar screen quickly and start perusing its 1300 pages more than members of Congress did before having it crammed down their throats.

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