Barney Frank to Retire From Congress

Jessica Taylor

Rep. Barney Frank, one of the most influential liberal lawmakers of his generation, announced that he is not seeking a 17th term in Congress next year, his office said in a statement. Frank will make his announcement at the Newton City Hall this afternoon.

The Massachusetts Democrat, first elected in 1980, serves as the ranking Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee. During a four-year stint as chairman of the panel, he helped shepherd the Dodd-Frank overhaul of the nation’s financial regulations. The Almanac of American Politics described Frank as a “savvy legislator known for his keen intellect and sharp tongue.”

Frank had indicated earlier this year he would seek reelection to his House seat, amid speculation that he would run for the Senate against Republican Scott Brown. He won a closer-than-expected re-election bid in 2010, taking 53 percent of the vote against Republican Sean Bielat, his lowest total since first winning his Newton- and Tauton-based district in 1980.

The Boston Globe reported that a close adviser to Frank said that redistricting played a major role in his decision not to run again. The new lines of the Massachusetts map kept his seat solidly Democratic but Frank lost several Democratic strongholds near his home in the process. The new district would have given Obama 61 percent of the vote; under the old lines, Obama took 63 percent…

…A total of 16 House Democrats aren’t running for re-election next year.

The complete article is at NationalJournal.

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Update:  Da Techguy, who lives in Massachusetts (but not in Frank’s district) writes, Bye Bye Barney Frank! (and there was much rejoicing!)

For those of you who think it wasn’t worth fighting in 2010 in Massachusetts, think again

Michelle Malkin has some video worth seeing at the link and warns

…Alas, we almost certainly have not seen the last of Barney Frank. Corruptocrats always find a way to keep mooching off the public dime.

Top Barney Frank job prospect: Advising wealthy Wall Street clients how to weasel out of the Dodd-Frank regulatory monstrosity. Cha-ching!…

…Chilling words of the morning: “Maxine Waters (D) is next in line to become ranking member of the [House Financial Services] committee.”

More Fascism on the way, then. Go to YouTube to watch that moment when Maxine came out of the Socialist/Fascist closet while grilling the president of Shell Oil company a couple of years ago.

Update 2: Over at Gay Patriot, reminders that both Frank and Waters are allegedly under investigation for ethics violations. Or something. We’ll see. But the links are worth reading.

Update 3: At Backyard Conservative Anne has posted that unforgettable video dedicated to the Congressman…”You can build, you can buy any house your heart desires…”

Update 4: Texas Democrat Gonzalez, Head of Congressional Hispanic Caucus, won’t run again for House.

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