Barney Frank to young Dems: If you want to advance liberalism, “give us more authority”


Glenn Beck retweeted this earlier on Twitter; the key bit comes at around 2:52. If you watch the whole clip, you’ll see he’s making an argument for why young voters disgruntled with the pace of “Change” (e.g., no DADT repeal yet, no public option, no troop withdrawal) shouldn’t stay home or vote GOP in protest. Rather, they should turn out in swarms and elect more Democrats so that the party can pass anything it likes. That’s what he means by giving Pelosi et al. “more authority,” I think — a bigger caucus, not expanded federal power. Then again, the left being what it is, a bigger Democratic caucus necessarily means expanded federal power, so consider this a creepy Kinsleyan gaffe in the same vein as Hillary’s many chill-inducing collectivist soundbites from Campaign 2008. No wonder the Constitution now comes with a disclaimer!

[CAJ note: Glenn Beck showed Frank’s remarks on his program this evening.]

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