Ben Jealous?


From Sad Hill

Organizing for America is sending out email notices to members asking that they travel to Washington to take part (in the One Nation Rally). The groups sponsoring the ‘One Nation Working Together‘ rally say they hope to replace the Tea Party’s ‘divisiveness’ with a message of unity that promotes justice, jobs and education.

“The Tea Party has been getting much more media attention than it deserves, and it’s been saying it represents the voice of middle-class America,” said George Gresham, president of 1199 SEIU, a New York health care union local, who says his union has chartered 500 buses to carry 25,000 union members to the rally. “A lot of us feel we have to get a different voice out there speaking for working people, one respecting the diversity of this country, which the Tea Party does not.”

“Mr. Jealous and Mr. Gresham, the two men who originally proposed the march, say they hope it will be larger than Mr. Beck’s rally. “We believe that our satellite photos will stack up nicely to his satellite photos,” Mr. Jealous said.”

Read the rest here – read about…who else will be represented at this rally. [Emphasis CAJ]


Jealous sounds Jealous. Actually, he sounds like someone that can see the beginning of the end of his money train. The day the racist NAACP closes its doors will be a great day for black people. Jealous knows that they are not truly needed. The NAACP is creating the false impression and environment needed to keep alive the myth that opportunity doesn’t exist for blacks. He should be ashamed of himself.

Video via Sad Hill. Definitely go to their site

CAJ note: Considering the numbers of groups and sponsors bussing members to DC this weekend, one should expect at least 2-3 million participants. But satellite photos? Doesn’t this all seem just a bit over the top? Good thing Soros has deep pockets.

Oh, and remember the cost of this rally the next time your union friends complain about their dwindling benefits and pensions. Gently point out to them that their hard-earned savings actually helped pay for this picnic.

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