Big Labor, Obama And Dems Have Big Plan$ For You

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Dan Riehl

In one of my more informative and important interviews (see 20 minute podcast link below), Brett McMahon of the Associated Building Contractors walks through the real story behind Big Labor, Obama and the Democrats, as well as how it will cost American workers and companies hundreds of billions of dollars if we don’t defeat their agenda.

Recent polls indicate unions are out of favor in America today. Why shouldn’t they be, what with hundreds of billions of dollars in soon to be bankrupt pension fund liabilities? But Big Labor is in favor with Progressive Democrats, whose campaigns they are now even borrowing against future dues in some cases, to fund. The payback will cost Americans hundreds of billions of dollars in liabilities not ours to cover.

“Favorable views of labor unions have plummeted since 2007, amid growing public skepticism about unions’ purpose and power.”

They’re paying up to, if not more than $3 million to try to buy Blanche Lincoln’s current Senate seat – in effect, financing challenger Bill Halter’s entire ad campaign. After buying Obama with money and boots on the ground, it still isn’t enough. Now, they’re gambling with money all but confiscated from workers for more power because, if they don’t get their agenda passed, they will disappear under the weight of their over-promised and mismanaged pension fund fiscal liabilities. They need other American taxpayers andcompanies to dig them out from under to survive and Obama intends to help them do it.

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