Big night with Gore in Portland, OR

From an email by Tim Phillips, Americans for Prosperity
November 20, 2009

This past Wednesday night in Portland, Oregon we had hundreds upon hundreds of grassroots activists in a downtown park protesting Al Gore’s (without a doubt the largest emitter of hot air in the nation) pro-cap-and-trade speech. Click here for pictures of the event.


Ever wonder if your grassroots efforts are making a difference — well the state’s largest newspaper, The Oregonian which is one of the most liberal in the nation, editorialized the next day that the pro cap-and-trade side sees its “momentum slip sliding away…”  The Oregonian went on to detail how public opinion is turning against the cap-and-trade forces as well which is a stunning confession from such a liberal newspaper.

Al Gore tried to deflect the grassroots fire against his radical ideology by calling our Americans for Prosperity rally a “…so called astroturf campaign from Washington, D.C…”

…Coming up on December 8 is a crucial international conference on Global Warming (of course, now it’s Climate Change) in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The goal of this conference is genuinely frightening — nothing less than the United Nations getting the United States to accept BINDING energy emissions limits that will wreck our economy and make us accountable to the United Nations for meeting the targets of their energy rationing scheme.  CLICK HERE for more details from the Heritage Foundation on what’s at stake in Copenhagen…

[The newsletter also contained some of the details of the Senate’s health care bill which you can read here.]

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