Bill and Hillary and Huma and Anthony

Stella Paul
American Thinker

As Bill Clinton once again takes center stage at the Democratic National Convention, let’s amuse ourselves by screening the vilest soap opera in American history: Bill and Hillary and Huma and Anthony.

This one’s got it all: two sham marriages, sexual perversions, and national treachery at the highest level.  Naturally, the “mainstream media” refuses to inform you of it, but that’s why I’m here.

If you’ve scratched your head trying to puzzle out the complex inter-relationships between these glamorous grifters, stop scratching.  I’m about to unveil a Grand Unified Theory that explains why Huma Abedin, the alleged Muslim Brotherhood asset who’s the top aide of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, chose to marry disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner in an interfaith ceremony performed by matrimonial expert Bill Clinton…

…Someday we may look back upon the intern scandals of the Clinton White House with amazement at our preoccupation with Bill, Monica Lewinsky, and cigars.  The bigger scandal may have been in First Lady Hillary’s office, where Huma Abedin waltzed into her internship as a new college graduate, despite her screamingly obvious Muslim Brotherhood family ties.

Five Congress members, including Rep. Michele Bachmann, have raised concerns about the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the federal government, with special emphasis on Huma’s role at State.  For their trouble, they have been hysterically accused of McCarthy-style witch-hunts, by everyone from Jon Stewart to John McCain to GOP honcho Ed Rollins.

Naturally, Barack Obama defended Huma at his annual Ramadan dinner, praising her as an “American patriot” to whom the American people owe a “debt of gratitude.”  Surely, that settles it.  After all, no one understands American patriotism quite like Barack Hussein Obama…

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