Bill Ayers bizarrely explains how to ‘teach freedom’ in new ‘Socialist USA’ book

Kyle Olson


A new book offers a full-throated plan for a socialist United States, and wouldn’t you know domestic terrorist-turned-educator Bill Ayers is right in the middle of it.

The book, “Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA,” is published by the capitalists at HarperCollins.

Among the contributors are leftist luminaries like convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, communist Black Panther-turned-professor Angela Davis, Frances Fox Piven of “Cloward-Piven Strategy” fame, and Ayers…

…“Freedom,” in Ayers’ twisted way of thinking, means keeping kids in government-run schools, albeit “richly resourced” ones that have no testing, and therefore, no accountability to taxpayers.

The government schools of Ayers’ vision would have classrooms that serve as “an artist’s studio and a workshop for inventors, a place for experimentation with materials and investigations” into the world.

That may sound “far out,” but ask yourself: Don’t children need a base of knowledge before they start inventing, creating and investigating?

Not according to the radical educator, who says students would learn “through life.”…

…Ayers knows that his education vision would lead to a generation of Americans that have even fewer math and reading skills than the ones who’ve sat in his classrooms.

But that’s the point: Ayers wants generations of “know-nothing” students, because they’ll become economically unsuccessful adults. In turn, these adults will become good foot-soldiers in the left’s never-ending attempt to overthrow America’s “oppressive” capitalist system and replace it with full-blown socialism.

That’s what Ayers’ entire career has been about…


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