Billion-dollar flood, nineteen dead in Tennessee

Nashville: The disaster America ignored?

Ed Morrissey

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has drawn plenty of media attention, and for good reason. It touches on environmental, energy, and competence issues for the American government, and it has cost eleven people their lives. Can we clean up a major spill from an offshore drilling rig? If we can’t stop it from spewing oil quickly, our entire energy policy and the idea of energy independence could be at risk, at least politically.

However, the national media has overlooked another disaster in Nashville. Torrential rains have flooded a major American city, causing over a billion dollars in damage, which puts the crisis among the most expensive natural disasters in American history. Except for a couple of brief mentions, hardly any attention at all has been paid to it at all. Perhaps that’s because, as this video suggests, Tennessee has tried handling it themselves (via Newsbusters):

CNN did provide some coverage of the flood, which has killed at least nineteen people…

…The storms have killed 28 people in the American Southeast. The Red Cross is trying to help. We may not be able to help with the Gulf crisis, but we can help the folks of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi by donating cash and goods through the Red Cross effort

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