Blogs Fueling Brown In Massachusetts

Dan Riehl
Riehl World View
January 5, 2010

From this IBD report. Excerpts:

Calling the poll “Earthquake rumblings in Mass.,” blogger and Cornell law professor William Jacobson wrote: “Coakley has been a statewide figure for years, and has much better name recognition, SEIU and other union support, and the Massachusetts Democratic machine behind her. Obama won the state by over 20%, and Coakley should have had at least a mid-teens lead at this point.”

Also hurting Brown is that national GOP groups have not committed much money.

That prompted blogger Michelle Malkin on Sunday to urge her readers to donate to Brown’s campaign. Indeed, much of Brown’s momentum can be traced, in part, to the Internet. Conservative and libertarian bloggers such as Glenn Reynolds, Dan Riehl and Jules Crittenden have spread the word about Brown.

Bay Stater Sissy Willis, who hosts the blog Sisu, thinks even a close Brown loss could sway the health debate.

“Congress wants to ram this down our throats, (and a strong Brown showing) could hold that up,” she said.

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